Your New Favorite T-Shirt

Last night I dreamed about my favorite t-shirt. It’s a heathered gray shirt with the “Thirtysomething” logo on the front, and was a gift from a friend who worked on the show. It’s about 24 years old, and you can’t really read the letters any more. In the dream I was bequeathing it to some shirtless man with great gravity and ceremony. The details are fuzzy.

And that’s the thing about favorite t-shirts. Usually we don’t buy them the way we buy a pair of jeans or a blouse. They just come into our lives, as gifts, or as promo swag, or as souveniers. But I have had an incoming t-shirt drought, and may have to actually buy some if a t-shirt miracle doesn’t happen soon. This, then, is my t-shirt vision board. I’m imagining an abundance of t-shirts. They will manifest in my life.

But, wow, I saw some really gross slogans while looking for these. “Boyfriend Killer.” “Jail Bait.” “Classy & Fabulous.””Fast Times.” “Kiss & Tell.” “Hello Sailor.” “I’m Cute.” Get over yourselves, t-shirt girls of America.

  1. Alternative Apparel eco heather crew, Marc Jacobs Vegas queen tee, One Teaspoon jaguar tee
  2. Paste America t-shirt – Slogan: America, Le Mont St. Michel striped tee, Paste Arctic t-shirt – Slogan: The Arctic
  1. Forever 21 Los Angeles raglan tee – This doesn’t work on any logical level. Is “Cal.” short for California? No one does that. Except at UC Berkeley, which is in Berkeley, not L.A. At least it works on a graphic level.  Mad Men logo tee– Because I don’t have any friends who work on this show.
  2. Zara fine stripe long sleeve tee