Summer Blazers: Is Inexpensive Worth It?

I took a risk and bought a cotton seersucker blazer at Forever 21 this spring. I scored. It’s cotton, fully tailored and lined, and will hang in my closet for a long time. But alas, fast fashion is just that-fast- and it’s no longer in stock. Blazers are usually big ticket items, for good reason, but these are all just as functional and fun as my seersucker steal.

And here’s a trick: If you ever are about to bypass an otherwise great blazer (or jacket or coat) because the buttons are awful, don’t. Buy good quality replacements, and sew them on.  You do know how to sew on a button, right? (note to self: make sure my kids know how to sew on buttons.) Good buttons can transform a garment for just a few dollars.

1. Forever 21 navy pinstripe blazer – 100% cotton $30.  2. ASOS white linen-blend boyfriend blazer – Apparently any blazer that is longer than your waist is now a “boyfriend” blazer. Also comes in black and navy.  3. Zara black cotton blazer – This has 3% elastane for the right amount of stretch.

1. Mango cotton khaki blazer – Also with 3% elastane. 2. H&M short blazer – In stores. Yes, it’s poly blend. It’s also a trendy shape and tangerine, Pantone’s color of the year. So it’s one of those items that you won’t cry over if you only wear it a handful of times, because it is only $50.  3. Zara blue pinstripe blazer, Cotton poly blend, $80. Notice how similar this is to the $30 Forever 21 blazer? A little styling goes a long way to make this one much more attractive, but my guess is that they’re manufactured at the same factory.

Horn and enameled  metal buttons from M&J Trimming.