Wardrobe Workhorse: Short Sleeved Sheath Dresses

Short sleeve sheath dresses are about as simple and flattering-to-all a silhouette as exists. Perfect for work or city excursions or just about anything but gardening and yoga, the short sleeve sheath or shift is a real wardrobe workhorse. Why haven’t designers figured out that they could sell an awful lot of these, if they just made them the right way?  Anna Wintour is photographed in them constantly, for Pete’s sake.  BTW, these are also great for functions. Remember when you went to more “parties” than “functions”?  Me, too.

It was an awfully long journey to find these. The choices were usually too short, garishly bright, a large floral print, or some combo of the above. But after hundreds of misses, I found these hits. And would you look at that? We have a color story. I also threw in some collar necklaces just in case you want to fully Anna Wintour it up. But you probably have your own ideas.

short sleeve sheath dresses

  1. Black ruffle-front dress– This is from Walmart. My favorite thing about the Walmart site is reading the reviews of the clothing. People like to complain about the quality. Of a dress that costs $12.87. Because that’s where we would shop for quality: Walmart.  Calvin Klein print dress -25% off with code FRIENDS. Ellen Tracy black stretch cotton with twist at front dress.
  2. Sabine white bead necklace, Sabine woven chain necklace
  3. Jones New York eyelet dress – 25% off with code FRIENDS, Tahari ASL stretch cotton belted dress, Taylor black marbled jersey dress