I Work Out

I work out, if walking/hiking is a workout. Let’s just say that I move fast enough and for a long enough amount of time that I can’t wear street shoes. And if the running shoes are on, so is the workout apparel.

A funny thing happened to workout clothes on the way to conglomaterization. Yoga and other studio workouts are big. Really big. So for these there are yoga pants (banded at the top, flared at the bottom).  Triathlons are also a thing now, and apparently when one competes in triathlons, one wears knee tights, also known as athletic capri pants. Neither of these looks work for a lot of women. Even if I don’t mind a little flare to the leg, that belly band on yoga pants drives me nuts. You already know how I feel about capris.

Anyway, Target is usually my go-to for inexpensive workout wear. Their C9 line by Champion fits well, performs, and is washing-machine friendly. BTW, I just clicked over to Target.com and was greeted by a huge headline that said, “Hello Kristen.” Eek.

From Target and other sources: check it:

First row: Forever 21 pullover, Puma tank top with built-in bra, Athleta PR tank top

Second row: Danskin Now French terry Bermuda shorts, two-pack (choose your colors), C9 by Champion reversible shorts, Impact yellow skort (skorts aren’t just for tennis any more)

Third row: Puma hooded top, Puma warm-up pants, C9 Champion micro fleece pants

In the “best for last” category, this Danskin tank top comes with a Shake Weight and workout DVD, all for just $29.77. That thing would be fun to bring out at parties, if nothing else. Thank you, Walmart.