Every city has it’s own look. Dictated by weather, geography, dominant industries and subcultures, one city’s style graph is never exactly the same as that of another. Sure, geophraphic style profiles were a lot more distinct twenty-five years ago, before the internet and national chain store homogenization and fast fashion happened. Nationally, trends were disseminated ever so slowly through magazines and television (both planned and produced months before anyone actually saw them). By the time Madonna’s East Village black rubber bracelets and giant hair bows were embraced by the west coast, back in NYC they had been replaced by granny dresses and combat boots. This week, Oscar de la Renta starting selling an item from his Resort 2013 collection the moment the show finished. Today, fashion is not just disseminated everywhere immediately. Apparently you can even buy the future.

Still, fashion microclimates persist, a fact brought home to me last summer when I discovered Keens. Once I saw them, in Marin Co., CA, I couldn’t un-see them. They were everywhere. And yet, back home in LA, they were nowhere.

I know, I know. You’re older now. Trends are for the kids. Sure. I believe that, too. But when one travels, it feels weird to be completely out of the style zeitgeist. My Keens will be returning to NoCal with me this summer. It may be the only place where they’re fashionable legal tender.

Here are a smattering of style briefs from the Canadian border south to San Francisco. Check out the location-specific street style blogs to see what’s happening where. And let me know in the comments what’s going on in your neck of the woods.

Seattle: Sporty Grunge. Plaid, flats, vintage, lots of layers. See It’s My Darlin’, a Seattle street style blog

Portland: Thrift central. The “new clothes” buck apparently stopped here.  See Urban Weeds , a Portland street style blog

Marin to Mendocino: Coachella 365 days a year, plus Keens. I couldn’t find a street-style blog for you folks. It’s ripe for the pickin’, NoCal-ers!

San Francisco: Preppy + tattoos. See Street Fashion Style – San Francisco street style blog