Etsy Slog: Vintage Leather Jackets

Wherein we fly in the face of the, “If you wore it the first time it was in style, you can’t wear it when it comes back,” mantra. They’re leather jackets, for goodness sake. They don’t even GO out of style.

I’m also advocating buying off-season here. If any of these work for you now, they’ll still work for you when the temperatures drops in the fall. That’s when prices will zoom right up, because these savvy Etsy sellers will know that they have you right where they want you. But you will laugh and say, “HA-HA! I already have a superb leather jacket hanging in my closet!” Supply and demand, sisters.

P.S. Etsy sellers, you have a lot to learn about product photography. Jeesh.

P.P.S. As with many things vintage, these are on the small side of the size spectrum. Since leather motorcycle jackets are super unisex, searching for a men’s small might be a good workaround.

  1. Classic black motorcycle jacket, Cropped white leather motorcycle jacket, Suede toggle coat
  2. Silver leather motocycle jacket, Orange belted coat, Black leather mandarin collar jacket