OKAY! I’ll Wear a Hat.

summer sun hats for womenI have to start wearing hats this summer. I learned my lesson last weekend after multiple applications of 82 SPF sunscreen (that smelled like bug spray) still left me browned. I have a thing about hats, though. There seems to be so much attitude required to wear them, attitude I just don’t possess. Hats feel costume-y to me. Not to mention that this season it’s hard to wear a hat and not look like a music festival-attending clone. And they mess up my hair.

One of these might be worth the sacrifices (and for not much of a financial sacrifice; they’re all under $50).

  1. Betmar braided cloche – Wear this just to be able to say, “cloche.”
  2. Anthopologie Almagest floppy hat – Pure ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’
  3. Forever 21 straw fedora – Only $6.50, but it’s made out of paper. They are probably not kidding when they say Do Not Wash.
  4. San Diego Hat Company brown crushable ribbon hat– Crushable means packable.
  5. Wallaroo Sonoma hat UPF 50+ – UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Like SPF that’s not applied to your skin.
  6. Y-3 black cotton twill hat – Urban chic.
  7. Forever 21 striped floppy hat – A classic, at just $12.80.