Cheaper by the Dozen: If Only

If I pay more for my reading glasses, will I be less likely to lose them? Probably not. The poor produce managers at L.A. grocery stores must regularly fish my readers out of their bins. But if my glasses are cute and comfortable, I just might make more of an effort to hang onto them. Still, multiple pairs are required just so that I don’t have to wear them around my neck (one each for the car, bedside, purse, kitchen, and on top of my head).

Cheater reader designers tend to go for the kitchy and the bright, as if I want to call attention to the fact that I need reading glasses. That is incorrect. I like these designs because they look like regular glasses. Not too difficult to figure out.  And the reading sunglasses? GENIUS.

These lookers are chic enough to hold onto, and they top out at $21.

Row by row:

  1. Peepersspecs rainmaker; Peepersspecs tortoise thin tops
  2. Peepersspecs slim line golden tortoise; Peepersspecs evening in Macau
  3. Peepersspecs bianco bifocal sunglasses; Peepersspecs sweet heat bifocal sunglasses
  4. Urban Eyes crystal; Gabriel + Simone mademoiselle
  5. Ink contour; Ink spectrum