New and Useful at Forever 21

I was pleasantly surprised sorting through Forever 21’s options today. You’ll notice that all three of the wardrobe selections have one thing in common: Tailoring. I can forgo better fiber selections on the sleeveless blouses because the construction looks so good. I also have to point out to natural fiber purists that 80% of designer, high quality clothing uses synthetics these days. The technology has gotten to a place where synthetics, or blends, often perform better than 100% cotton, wool or silk.

great picks from forever 21 for fall

  1. Gray denim shirt-100% cotton, with enough tailoring and color interest to raise it above the usual schlubby denim shirt.
  2. Cut out hemline sleeveless blouse – This is fantastic; one of those “I could have spent $350, but now I don’t have to,” moments of GLEE.
  3. Orange paneled peplum blouse – If orange is your color (unfortunately, it’s not mine), this is a winner.
  4. Geometric print bracelet – A good chic and cheap option to work a little color and geometric print into an outfit.