Friday Fade: Links!

I checked out what Bloomberg Businessweek had to say about fashion this week, and should not have been surprised when I was presented with a story about “summer’s best polo shirts.” Is finding a good polo shirt ever a challenge, Businessweek? But this story on Silicon Valley’s most stylish businessmen has a certain visual appeal.  I’m talking about you, Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of Yelp. Five stars.

Look books are up for the next The Shops at Target collaborations, which will be with New York boutiques Kirna Zabete and Odin. You can buy starting on September 9. Lots of lips imagery, which is way-filtered-down Lanvin, and 80s colors. Though the long tuxedo blazer looks good.

The big news isn’t that the Spice Girls are going to perform at the Olympics Closing Ceremony. The big news is that they rehearse.

A possibly embarrassing photo of Mark Zuckerberg (or not…he’s not naked) turns up on Facebook. The story doesn’t mention if he, or his location, was tagged. Which made me wonder…does Facebook check potential employee’s Facebook profiles?