Kayce Hughes: Grown-Up Femininity

I found an independent designer’s line the other day that caught my eye. It’s very feminine, and casual, and preppy, so I know it won’t suit all of you. But if that combo is your thing, then Kayce Hughes is da bomb (or whatever it is the kids are saying these days).

No, that’s not good enough. We need a “da bomb” of our own.  Okay, Kayce Hughes is…the DC. As in Diet Coke. Because Diet Coke is pretty much my last guilty pleasure, and it’s so damn delicious and I would kill to have one right now for the way that the first sip refreshes and satisfies.

As always, these are each under $100.


kayce hughes womens clothing

  1. Vintage button down shirt, Floral Soire skirt
  2. Horn hoop earrings, White Elenor blouse