Such a Gimme: Kelly Bensimon

I almost feel guilty writing about this woman, a cast member from one of the Real Housewives shows. It’s like making fun of someone who is mentally disabled. Not cool. I am also giving her attention, which I suppose is exactly why she did this. But COME ON. This is what a 43-year-old woman wears to a book launch party?

kelly bensimon book launch

I cannot watch these shows, because it is too difficult for me to physically differentiate the women, which makes it nearly impossible to follow any of what passes as, “stories.”  Way to stand out, Kelly Bensimon.

P.S. This from her book’s press materials: “Spend seven days with me and my expert friends and we’ll have fun with exercise, eat better, dress amazing, have more fun and smile through a life that’s too short.” Shudder.

Taking her advice, so I am off to have fun with laundry, grocery shop amazing, and have more fun.