Color Me Unflattered

The Pantone fall fashion 2012 color report is out, and while there are some hues that would look really great on the outdoor furniture at my house, there isn’t a single color on there that’s flattering to my own coloring. Really.

pantone fall 2012 fashion colorsI could wear the dark brown at a stretch, I suppose, but that forces me to consider what I’d wear with it to avoid a head-to-toe log look.

Pantone registers the dominant colors from the runway collections, and what pieces are actually showing up in stores, and therefore what colors will then go on to dominate the fashion supply chain for the next six months or longer.  Ladies, this is going to be your fashion palette for a good long time. Remember the Rachel Zoe look for January 2013 I posted? Bingo.

Am I the only one whose personal coloring can’t withstand this array? What do you all think? Excited? Mortified? Let me know…