Sneakers, Not Running Shoes

My Chuck Taylors are wearing on me. I mean, they’re not being worn on me very much.  Around here, the middle school crowd has completely dominated the Converse market for the last seven years or so. I actually inherited my current pair of Converse sneakers from my son, who outgrew his pair after only a few wearings. And while seven years ago it was tricky to find old school Chucks, now they’re at Target.

I’m ready for some casual sneaks that I won’t see on 11-year-old discount shoppers.

cool women's sneakers

  1. Bensimon tennis elastique; Bensimon tennis lacet
  2. Superga Cotu colored; Superga Linu (linen) Free Shipping on Orders over $75 at Superga. Enter code FREESHIP at Checkout. Valid until 6.30.12.
  3. Tretorn Skymra canvas

You can see that I’ve chosen a bunch of neutrals, which is just my druthers. These are all available in a whole mess of colors.