Runway Rework: Lanvin Fall 2012

This is sublime.

Photo credit Gianni Pucci /, via

Lanvin fall 2012 runway

Not necessarily the eyes and hand and teethy-mouth accessories. But I’m digging the ’40s peplum waist with the pencil skirt and scrunched long gloves. The look makes rapid-fire snappy dialogue spoken in a mid-Atlantic accent that’s  just this side of British start running through my head. And then the confectionery layers on the jacket bring everything right back to 2012. Heaven.

Drat! This is going to be an awfully difficult problem to solve, wouldn’t you say?

Peplum tops for fall

I really wish I could have found a jacket with that even half as much interest as the Lanvin. But these tops and blazer are peplum shaped, at least.

  1. ASOS top with peplum, Zara quilted short sleeve jacket, ASOS silk and mesh peplum top
  2. Max and Chloe Gala Candy necklace, Max Studio long leather gloves, Cadence chain link belt
  3. Zara sheath skirt, Ann Taylor navy peplum jacket, Zara pencil skirt with peplum