Not Semi-Sheer Poly Chiffon Tie-Neck Blouses

So what style died and made the semi-sheer poly chiffon tie-neck blouse King? I think he’s going to make Peter Pan collar blouse his Queen, and then they’re going to have an Aztec print baby.

I had to dig deep for these. Old Navy deep.

First row, from L to R:

Floral button-down: 60% artificial silk? That is not a fabric. Still, it’s a bold print. Would look best set off against dark denim.

Ombre blouse: It doesn’t scream “summer!” but it’s not sheer. Or Aztec print.

Chambray tunic: This also comes in aqua. I think it’s versatile.

Second row, from L to R:

Gauze print top: This also comes in a bunch of colors. I like the Ming china effect of the blue and white.

Shoulder detail blouse: As dressy a blouse as you’ll probably need. It comes in peach as well.

Satin sleeve tee: My favorite of the bunch. Faint praise, indeed.

Tiny hand claps for these, I know. It’s dark days in the blouse kingdom, I’m telling you.