Friday Fade: Links

Kelly Wearstler, designer and apparently extreme product user, describes her diet and beauty routine. Once she says she sticks to a raw diet and proceeds to list a bunch of non-raw things she eats, it’s a little hard to believe any of it.

A New York Times reporter writes a story on a documentary film that’s different from what she promised to the subject of the story. See what she did there?

Fast and very inexpensive fashion retailer Joe Fresh will soon be available at J.C. Penney as part of the store’s re-re-invention. This line always looks like up-sized toddler clothes to me, but I will be happy to check them out in person.

Remember Olga Korbut, and how we all switched immediately from taking “acrobatics” to taking “gymnastics”? This is a wonderful interview with her and appreciation of how she dazzled us all.