Friday Fade: Links

L.A. chiquitas, I highly recommend The Runway Outlet’s Memorial Day sale. These lovely ladies were my neighbors for three years when Juvie had a storefront, and I can attest that their sales are killer. You will have to bypass lots of tiny, too-short things, but will most likely score some great indie designer goods.

Do you read the Man Repeller blog? She’s one funny lady, with a penchant for dressing in a manner that is highly evolved, completely esoteric, and totally at odds with what people of the opposite sex would call “attractive.” She dresses for herself, in other words. Word. Anyway, she is the coiner of the term “arm party” (a curated rack of bracelets), and has partnered with to sell surprise bracelet collections, five per order, for $50. You can order your own here.

I was trying to figure out why the Cannes red carpet pics were so heavy on the supermodels. Now I know.

An English perspective on dressing for warm weather when you’re north of 40.