Blame it on the Snake Print Jeggings

There once was a time when I would wear snake print jeggings, had they been on offer. But the inspiration for this blog came on the day that I very badly wanted a pair of snake print jeggings, but realized that they would firmly put me on the wrong side of asinine.


The snake print jeggings were so cute. So fun. So snappy. But they were also an unfortunate combination of tight, animal print, and trendy. Any one of those things would have been fine on its own; the trifecta tipped them into MDAL (mutton dressed as lamb) territory. So, no snake print jeggings for me.

There are probably plenty of women over 40 who are wearing snake print jeggings right now, who think that I’m nuts to not wear something just because it feels too young. I think that there are probably plenty of women over 40 whose personal style practically dictates that they wear snake print jeggings. Their friends and family would probably think that something weird was going on if they didn’t wear snake print jeggings. I am not that woman. When a trend falls too far outside a woman’s fashion wheelhouse, and one is old enough to have a style wheelhouse, it’s too easy for that trend to put one smack into novelty dressing. Novelty dressing is a short hop from trying too hard, which is adjacent to dressing too young.

I can live without the snake print jeggings. But does forsaking this über trend mean that I have to give up on all of the printed pants and denim that are tempting me, and other women over 40, this spring? Not necessarily. I found some printed trousers that aren’t too tight, too animal, too large floral, too palazzo, too harem, or too capri. Would you wear any of these?

printed pants for women

  1. Capulet black and white silk pants
  2. Warehouse linear geo trousers
  3. Zara floral print trousers
  4. Topshop rose print trousers
  5. Zara jacquard trousers
  6. Forever21 dots and daisy palazzo pants