Don’t Make Me Wear Ugly Technology: Pebble Watch and Google Glass

Everyone’s SUPER excited that Dick Tracy’s wrist watch will soon be a reality. The Pebble is a wrist-worn gadget that syncs to your smart phone and functions as a remote, tinier screen that you can interact with all day instead of having to take your phone out of your pocket and hold it. Except, of course, when you want to use your phone as a phone.

That’s cool, I guess. If I didn’t have to still carry the phone around, I might like it better. If it wasn’t designed by male tech nerds for male tech nerds, I’d like it even more.

pebble smart phone wrist watch

This is only slightly more attractive than a Bluetooth earpiece, and because it won’t be covered by my hair, much more visible.  How could the designers of this not realize that it is NOT CUTE?

It is possible to switch out the watch band for any other 22 mm band, which is something. Still, 22 mm bands are men’s watch bands. Where is the Pebble for the ladies? If I am going to wear a computer screen on my body, I don’t want to look like I borrowed it from the computer engineering grad student boy down the street.

Speaking of which.

Hello, Robot Face. The prototypes from Google Glass look cumbersome, and pinchy, not to mention that they obscure the eyes in a wholly unattractive way. Could you ever have a conversation with someone wearing these without being entirely distracted by them?  I know that the amazing functionality is supposed to override my vanity. It won’t.