What’s New, F21?

Time to check in with Forever 21 to see what’s new, and if anything passes.

Look at that! Maybe they saw my mention of wide, Obi-style belts and brought this one into the store. That embroidery is quite elaborate and good looking. It’s a definite yes, at only $8.80.

This is a great summer basic. The longer sleeve works so well with the scoop neck, and it will literally go with everything. The only drawback is that it’s hand wash, which always feels like a lot of work for something that’s < $15.

This cuff is a mystery metal and…straw? Paper? I don’t know, but the shape is great and I like the contrast in textures. At $6.80, I will only be a little sad if it gives me contact dermatitis.

This top has lovely embroidery, buttons down the back, and it’s lined. I’m almost embarrassed that it feels relatively expensive at $27.80. It’s also hand wash, but now that you have two new hand wash items, go ahead and do a load in your washer and use that setting for the first time.

I’m afraid that out of the hundreds of new items this week, this was everything. It’s almost as if someone at the store read this blog, panicked that a 45-year-old was wearing their clothes, and ordered that everything going forward be made sheer, with cut-outs, short, tight or shiny. Don’t let this be the end of me, Forever 21!