What Say You, F21?

Yes, I’ve been on what one calls a hiatus, or a vacation, or a break. I was gone for about ten days, enjoying hinterlands that weren’t well-equipped with internet access. Let’s see what Forever 21 was up to in the meantime. Remember, keep your expectations low. We’re in the middle of the July doldrums, fashion-wise. It’s transitional wardrobe time.

transitional summer fall wardrobe

  1. Navy linen blazer – 100% linen blazer with ruched sleeves. This is a great item for those early fall heat waves; Tiny glen plaid woven cotton blouse – Come on. No one under thirty would be caught dead in this. I’ll take it.
  2. Raglan sleeve lined top – I’m a little tired of the flesh colored clothing, but this is lined and has a nice exposed zipper on the back; Hooded twill jacket – All cotton and so perfect for evening bike rides/beach walks/baseball games;  Bony cuff bracelet – The anatomy student in me loves this. It’s so skeletal. For well-designed things like this I’d be happy to shell out for the same thing in sterling.