Tuxedo Pants: Not Just for Evening Any More

Tuxedo pants are kind of a no-brainer for women. It’s a classic menswear style that works for women of all ages, and they go pretty seamlessly from work to anywhere else. Super flattering too, what with the big vertical lines taking everyone’s eyeballs up, and optically squeezing you between two parallels.

tuxedo pants for women

Photo credit Halley Howard via Refinery29

The pants in the inspiration shot are from Parker, and no longer available, as far as I can tell. Here’s what I did find:

tuxedo pants for women

  1. Lacoste tuxedo capri pants – These are not capris. They’re ankle pants. Thumbs up. Wearing them with those particular sandals? Thumbs down.
  2. Calvin Klein ponte zip tuxedo pants– We’ll have to take their word that there’s a black tuxedo stripe on these. And that they’re not actually painted on the model. Size up.