Transitional Wardrobe Fix

Mid-August marked the beginning of summer in L.A., and I am already completely frazzled from the heat. A bunch of ladies, myself included, were wilting and schvitzing at a baby shower over the weekend, while lamenting that we couldn’t find any decent warm-weather clothing in the stores because they’ve all switched their inventory over to fall.

My going back-to-school days are long past, as are my days of crisp autumn breezes. It’s going to be hot through November, even though the store floors say otherwise. This is the time of year to carve out a tiny slice of your closet and label it transitional. The good news is that the summer sales have reached their peak markdowns. If you choose carefully, you can pull a transitional wardrobe out of summer deals.

Keys to transitional dressing? Lightweight fabrics, short sleeves or sleeveless, but with some element of fall (color, texture, or pattern). Here I’ve selected some plaids and jewel tones, both of which are big for 2012.

transitional wardrobe

  1. Madewell plaid silk blouse, Boden Capri dress
  2. Lands End ponte sheath dress, Madewell poppy silk blouse, Boden French knot top