The Mother Ship

I was inspired to start this blog when I realized that I spend a lot of my fashion-pondering time thumbing through Forever21, looking for items that might work for me. Whenever I find something good, I feel like I’ve played a trick on the universe. It’s so inexpensive! And it’s for juniors! We are NOT SUPPOSED TO SHOP THERE.

Since Forever21 updates their inventory daily, there are always new chances to thumb our noses at triple-digit wardrobe boosters. I’ll be posting my finds from Forever21 and other fast fashion chains regularly under the category named for what I always say to myself when I find something great: “I Would Wear That.”

Love21 May 14

First row, from left to right:

I love animal prints, but subtlety is key to wearing them right. This print tee has a small scale (with small scales) print and flattering V-neck. It’s made of Lyocell. I’ve been in the clothing biz for six years and have no idea what that is.

I love the asymmetry and color blocking on this t-shirt. Broad shoulders let you wear what you have to underneath. Blush is a flattering color on just about everyone.

Alexander Wang, Jason Wu and Theory all showed a pile of military-inspired looks for spring. This olive linen (100%) cargo jacket lets you get on top of that trend without looking like a fashion victim, or victimizing your wallet.

Second row:

Who can’t use a lightweight neutral sweater? I like the looser knit, the ribbing that go well up the sleeve, and the linen/rayon blend.

Another linen-blend sweater, this one is just plain pretty, and smart enough for work. I’m not sure what would happen if you wore a blazer over it, though. Maybe the “cape” would work as a cowel?

With enough starch, this rusty-rose safari jacket would be great for work as a blazer-alternative. Wash and wear for more casual use.

That concludes my inaugural post. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the blog in general, today’s picks, and the kind of criteria you use for shopping now that you’re a WOACA (woman of a certain age). I’ll be covering accessories, special occasion wear, street style, runway reworks, shoes for grownups, and much more in the days to come. Welcome!