Plastic Shoes: What Say You?

I love these shoes:

Pointy snake color block heels

…and they’re only $42, because they’re plastic. Or as vinyl is now know, “vegan leather.” Ha ha ha ha ha. Vegan leather: The tofurkey of footwear.

I’m no vegan, so I don’t have a political or conscientious reason to  not wear leather. And I generally don’t care for plastic shoes. I don’t like the way they last (they don’t), I don’t like the way they look (like plastic). So I won’t be buying these cuties. Of course, I don’t insist that animals die for my shoes: Straw or fabric/canvas works fine for me. If I were vegan, that’s how I would roll.

Where do you come down on pleather shoes?

(and marketing world, please stop trying to make “vegan leather” happen)