Our Choices Are Slowing to A Trickle; Here’s Why

It’s a slow time of year in the fashion world. Summer clearance sales have started, and while pre-fall collections are trickling into stores, no one is paying much attention to them. Even the fast fashion chains take a breather in late June, so there aren’t a ton of new items to report on right now.  See, retailers placed their orders for fall merchandise about four months ago. They’re tired of what’s on their floors, and want it gone, but they know that selling parkas and wooly plaids when it’s 90 degrees outside won’t fly.

I’m convinced that the fast fashion world is fundamentally changing the retail fashion cycle from designing to manufacturing to sales. Today, customers expect swimsuits to be on the floor in June, and furry boots to be in abundance December. This sounds like nothing but dumb logic, but most people don’t realize that this is a big shift from how fashion has been done for decades.  Before companies like Forever 21 and H&M, people used to buy seasonally, and a month or two in advance of when they would actually wear items. Now, people shop for what they want to wear today. The big seasonal changeovers still have to happen, however; July and January is when that occurs.

forever 21 selections june 25 2012

  1. Eyelit trim maxi skirt – Sexy without being slutty; this is how you do it. Sheer embroidered tank top – That embroidery is fab. Obviously you want to put this over an ivory silk tank or camisole.
  2. Black woven leather belt– A leather belt under $7 is a no-brainer.  Black and white pintucked blouse – A bold design; no necklace required.