Nude Pumps: I Said, “Nude”! And Can You Tell I Have a 13-Year-Old?

Ooooh, a reader request. I’m so excited.  V writes, “Is there such a thing as a decent heel that is in between the hooker and granny shoes out there? KT- I need help! Dreaming of nude peep toe pumps…”

V, I think that a heel height right around 3″ qualifies as that respectable middle you’re looking for. The whole reason that people love nude shoes is that they visually elongate one’s legs right down to the ground, so a super high heel isn’t even necessary. These would go with just about any work suits; I hope one of them suits you.

nude peep toe pumps mid height heel

  1. Via Spiga Ryan pumps, Nine West Fallhard pumps
  2. Vince Camuto Berit pumps, Banana Republic Hope pumps,