Michelle Obama’s Tracy Reese Dress: More Interesting Than I Thought

Michelle Obama wore a silk Tracy Reese dress when she addressed the Democratic National Convention last night in Charlotte, NC. It was a striking, vibrant dress that played to all of Mrs. Obama’s sartorial strengths: sleeveless with deep cut shoulders, bright, feminine colors, and a princess cut skirt. Honestly, I wasn’t even going to remark on the dress, because as lovely as it was, and how well-suited it was to her and to the occasion, it wasn’t a particularly interesting dress. Nor was it out of Mrs. Obama’s wheelhouse. There was little to no risk involved. Like I said, unremarkable.

Then the GOP got in on the fashion critique business.

More specifically, Romney spokesman John Sununu accused the Obama campaign of lying about how much this Tracy Reese dress cost.

Never mind that the Obama camp has not even said how much the dress cost. Glamour reported that the dress was custom-made. Other outlets wrote that Tracy Reese dresses go for around $350, which is true. Again, the Obama campaign didn’t say a word about how much the dress cost.

Someone seems a bit defensive about the whole “lying” thing. This feels like a second-grader who gets caught lying by his teacher and quickly accuses everyone around him of doing the same thing.  “Jane lied too! She said her father was a fireman!” But Jane never said her father was a fireman. She didn’t even talk about her father.

Just because your guys are getting hammered for lying pretty much every time they open their mouths does not mean that the other side is doing the same thing. Sometimes an unremarkable dress is just an unremarkable dress.