Kembrel: A Flash Sale Company With A Little Flair

Today I’d like to welcome a new sponsor to the site.  Kembrel is a flash sale company with a rotating assortment of  merchandise for women, men and what is probably your very gracious home. What I really liked about Kembrel when I first found them was that, 1) You can browse their selection without registering first (can I get a hallelujah?), and 2) Their goods are an awful lot more stylish…way less oulet-y…than almost all of the other flash sale sites around. You will actually like an awful lot of what they sell, rather than thinking, “Yeah, I get why this stuff is all marked down.”

Caveat: The clothing they have at the moment is looking very young to me. Sort of an Urban Outfitters on sale thing. But I’ll be checking back frequently and will let you know if anything suits.

In the meantime, the Bensimons we were talking about the other day are on sale for $40, and I believe you can use the code below for an additional 25% off.

Bensimon on sale at Kembrel

Enter “SUMMERTIME” at checkout for 25% off all Women’s Collection

Disclosure: I was not paid for this post. A portion of all sales that result from your clicking on the above link will go to Forever45’s bottom line (if I can ever find that darn line. It keeps slipping out of sight).