Got You Covered

Does your workplace frown on open-toed shoes?  Isn’t it odd that toes can scamp around naked in the grocery store, in restaurants, and on airplanes (though I’m personally against it on airplanes), and no one wretches, but if you step into a certain kind of office, exposed toes just seem gross? Ah well, society’s weird.

Today I offer some toe coverage, with the added bonus of flat-footedness, in the form of tuxedo loafers/smoking slippers. This classic style is back, and I love it. Though I should be showing you sandals right now, I need some new covered-toe flats, and maybe you do as well.

The yellow moccasin hybrids would be handy (footy) for a day involving a lot of walking, driving, or both. The tassled high-contrast loafer would look great with an otherwise all-black outfit. And I am dying for these embroidered Larkspur Collection needlepoint slipper shoes, even though I’m neither royalty nor do I golf. Vintage, on Etsy, and will fit sizes 5, 6, or 7 (don’t ask me).

The grey suede are another mash-up, but I like the loafer strap minus the penny gew-gaws. The embroidered black velvet loafers are the inexpensive version of what I’ve seen at $350. Sure, you get what you pay for, but they’re cute to have around for an occasional wear. This shoe style is also ubiquitous in sneakers. Supergas are my favorite look.  And from Forever 21, zebra print.  Probably not best for the office.