Friday Fade: Links

Vanity Fair’s 2012 international Best Dressed list is here. Look at all the pretty people who have apostrophes in their names!

MTV is reviving House of Style in October.  Is there any hope that it won’t be based on ‘Jersey Shore’-style?

Time Magazine covers the debate on fast fashion. Interesting enough. But what on earth is “bercheap”? Also, can anyone parse what these sentences mean? I’m all for calling out bloggers on their terrible editorial standards, but this writing, from a journalistic standard-bearer, is just appalling.

“But with wages rising in China, the fast-fashion model–which relies on higher sales volumes and slimmer profit margins–could hurt American clothing companies and jobs, since they rely more on Chinese manufacturers. Unlike with European brands that can source quickly from nearby locations like Turkey and Romania, suppliers closer to U.S. apparel makers tend to be more expensive.”

Nina Garcia gets called on the carpet for tweeting that a Birkin costs “a few weeks’ salary.” Fashion Editor, meet Reality. You two have very little in common, but I hope you get to know each other a little better.