Friday Fade: Heavy Links!

Did you see Project Runway this week? The world does not need another fashion designer who hates women’s bodies. Though it was kind of amazing to watch someone set their career ablaze over the course of one episode of television. And kudos to the producers for creating a challenge that highlighted a pervasive problem in the fashion industry: designers who make clothes for hangers, not people.

Here’s video and and an interview with the “artist” who did the botched “restoration” of a century-old Spanish fresco. Made me knit my brows, smile, and frown all at the same time.  I don’t think my face has ever done that before.

Please don’t let the giant Vogue September issue be a portent of worldwide economic immolation like it was four years ago. If it is, I’m forming Occupy Vogue.

How Google is using data-based algorithms to increase the number of women it hires and promotes. You’ve got to love a company that uses actual math and science to extend equal opportunities in the workplace.