Everyone Wants a Piece of Forever 21

I’m on the prowl for a job in the online marketing world, so yesterday I went to a fashion career fair at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles. There were about fifteen companies represented, and hundreds of fashionable job seekers. A majority of the attendees were probably recent design school graduates, as evidenced by their short resumes and big portfolios. It was like being at a college club rush event, except all of the women had sock buns on their heads and wore platform pumps.

There were plenty of luxury brands represented, as well as lots of iconic American companies (e.g., Levi’s). But the company that drew the largest line of aspirants? Forever 21. As I stood in line watching the company’s HR people flipping through candidates’ books, it dawned on me that the HR staff were the actual trendsetters, in that their yay or nay would determine whose aesthetic and talent would ultimately end up on the store’s racks, and out on the street.

And no, it won’t be my aesthetic or talent. First, I’m not a designer. Second, the social media position I want was filled internally, so they gave me a free pen and sent me on my way.

Some of those designers must have gotten the nod, so we can rest assured there are new people with fresh visions on the way to Forever 21’s corporate headquarters. Here’s what the last batch came up with that you might like.

forever 21 scarf headwrap teal earrings

  1. Structured head wrap, Cotton striped shirt
  2. Cotton and spandex twill ankle pants, Teal rhinestone drop earrings