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I’m Kristen, a woman in my forties who loves thirtysomething, shops regularly at Forever21, mothers two teens, and runs a clothing store for kids 2-12 (Juvie).

I built Juvie’s business on providing age-appropriate clothes for tween girls, who almost always want to dress too old. I recently found myself on the flip side: having to pay attention to my own style choices to ensure they weren’t too young (Ensure! That’s what old people drink! Ha!). I love fashion and trend-watching and don’t believe in style strictures. Still, we all know that there are some fashion neighborhoods where women of a certain age (WOACA) just shouldn’t visit. Also? Those more conservative, less-casual, more-structured clothes with actual sleeves and nicely draped cotton and wool fabrics are pricey. So I started scouring the shops for stylish, modern pieces that weren’t disposable and yet wouldn’t make me miss a school tuition payment. I’ll share them here.





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  1. carrir
    carrir November 18, 2012 at 9:51 PM · Reply

    I found Fylo leggins at costco for fashion week and I MUST GET MORE! they are the velvet leggins…can you help me?

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