A Short Post About Women’s Shorts

I welcome you to this post with two questions:

Photo credit Carven via harpersbazaar.com

1. The shorts suit: Has anyone actually seen this in action in the wild? Does it work? Would you wear it?

2. Do denim cut-offs have an age cut-off?

That was really four questions. Sorry.

Today I want to talk about shorts. There is really only one consideration when it comes to me and shorts: How short are they? And when I went looking for something on the longer side of short, I faced a a bit of a desert.  All of the interesting cuts and colors were more like embellished underwear than shorts. As if what we’re really looking for is underwear with pockets and zippers. Anything with an inseam longer than 4″ was either a plain chino or a denim Bermuda, because women are boring like that. Strike that: I forgot the ubiquitous cargo short. Because people who want to wear something bigger than a booty short also want to pad out and call attention to their thighs. Ugh. Sorry about all the sarcasm. Being in a completely ignored category will do that to a person.

Which leaves me with a post about basics. What a snooze.  Bright spot: these are all $50 and under.


Pim & Larkin Colette shorts – These are part of a collection of suit separates. I vote for keeping them separate. Topshop mint chino shorts – An easy way to embrace the mint trend. Loft Marisa polished denim shorts – Picture these with flats or a kitten-heeled mule. Better already.

Local apparel khaki gabardine shorts – Take your every day khakis. Replace them with these for three months. H&M black cuffed shorts – I have mixed feelings about formal shorts, but these are chic enough. Carhartt blue Bermuda shorts – Blue. In the world of shorts with inseams longer than 3.5″, that counts as a feature.